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Climate Activists Protest Congressional Baseball Game, Washington, d.c., United States - 28 Jul 2022

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A male Santa Marta sabrewing. The species was rediscovered in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in July 2022. The hummingbird had not had a documented sighting in 12 years. It was only the second time the hummingbird has been documented since it was first collected in 1946. (Photo by Yurgen Vega/SELVA/ProCAT)

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Transfusing the blood of an old mouse into a younger rodent could age the latter animal

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Listronotus elongatus,a South American weevil

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2F8Y7GF Spacetime Scifi Digital Arts concept, Twist clock time distortion warp on space bended curved as hole represent Space and Times of Einstein Theory

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